Friday 29 September 2023

Wizkids Special Kobolds and Civilians


I had these Wizkids models sitting around for a while, so I decided to get Brushchewer to get them finished. First up are these three Kobold "specials" - an Inventor, a Sorcerer and a Dragonscale.

The Inventor is armed with all sorts of nonsense, like a scorpion on a stick and a hornet nest. The sorcerer doesn't have actual wings - they're home made ones to reinforce his status. The Dragonscale is a fightier senior Kobold. I love these characterful Kobolds as ways of complicating a "standard" fight in characterful ways.

These Pathfinder Wizkids miniatures are simple fantasy civilian types. A peasant and a noble are the sort of thing you'll have a use for every now and again, and having them to hand is definitely useful.

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