Monday 23 April 2012

The coming week

As noted in my previous post, I've completed the Demolisher. I have managed to paint a little more, but nowhere near as much as I'd like. Routine is the answer! I need to work out how to fit it in around work, housework, and some rather essential house tidying which needs to happen before my wife kills me...

I have done the preparation work on the Tech Priest's main body, but not all his fiddily little attachments. I need to get down to that at the least.

I now need to pick up some things to work on in between the Tech Priest. Looking at it, I think the things that could be quick wins are;

- Ratling Squad 1
- Ratling Squad 2
- Leman Russ turret
- Full Leman Russ
- Storm Trooper Squad 1
- Storm Trooper Squad 2

I think for sanity's sake, I should probably prioritise those somehow, and work out what order to do them in!

The intention would then be to always have a "quick win" project going on at the same time as an awkward or more detailed project, to act as a distraction / something to do while paint dries. I already have a Lascannon Weapons Squad rebasing and painting queued up for once I'm done with the Tech Priest, but I expect he will keep me busy for a while yet...

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