Saturday 21 April 2012


So, how did I decide to spend my hard earned cash at Salute?

I picked up the Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2 book from Forgeworld.

Counter to my terrain buying plan, I found a good deal on a bunch of Imperial Guard from Lesley's Bits Box. I've picked up a whole bunch of Storm Troopers in a really good deal, and also got hold of the limited edition female Commissar, which I believe is going to be stolen by Sim to paint...

I managed to regain my willpower in order to pick up a whole bunch of terrain from Sarissa Precision. I went with their new infinity Sci-Fi range, although their Wild West stuff is looking like an absolute, 100% must buy for when I start playing Malifaux. I can easily see myself dropping hundreds of pounds to build an awesome Western style town that will fit Malifaux's look and feel.

My final purchase was my wife's anniversary present, which is now safely hidden, as I've found out she reads this blog now and again, and I don't want to ruin the surprise...

Meanwhile, there were a few companies who were definite "future buy" people who I really liked the look of.

The first mention absolutely has to go to Tablescape, who have a really interesting way of making their scenery. It is stunningly light, and very intelligently constructed - it's been carefully done so that it is either barricade level or completely blocking line of sight to a typical 40K miniature. As such, it should be very easy to sort out almost any usual line of sight disputes. I even forgave them their jibes about typical 40K players!

I am also very impressed by the Sci Fi interior detail work done by Antenocitis Workshop. If I played Infinity, I'd have been buying from them immediately...

Well, I got my wedding topper from Hasslefree Miniatures last year, and got to show it to them this year, so what more of a recommendation could you want?

I absolutely must, at some point, buy something from Oshiro, although they primarily focus on Japanese style buildings and I have _no_ idea what I would use them for right now!

There is no question I have to start playing Eden by Taban Miniatures at some point soon. None whatsoever. The only reason I haven't already bought some is the desire to finish some existing projects first!

There are also definitely a bunch of things I'd like to pick up from Ainsty Castings in the way of scenery - their boxed sets of scenery definitely look worthwhile... Both for Wargaming and D&D.

For miniatures I am awaiting a mere flimsy excuse to buy, I would offer honourable mentions to Black Scorpion, almost everything Crooked Dice Studios do, Heresy, Scheltrum and all the scenery Micro Art Studio do (they're also my first choice for bases)...

So, a productive day! I also have a Mayan with a decapitated head to paint at some point, which was the show miniature. I am also considering a later post based on the stuff my wife loved at the show, depending on whether I can pin her down on it or not!

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