Monday 16 April 2012

This coming week

Since last week's post, I've not managed to get any painting in. I'm really quite disappointed in this as I was hoping to get a good regular routine going.

GW have a painting competition right now for a "Hero or Villain" and I've not started anything. I got to the point on Tuesday of buying a full set of reds from the new GW paint range to use on the Forge World Titan Tech Priest I have. I thought that the "workers are the real heroes" twist would be kind of cool. Despite this, one thing or another has distracted me and I've not even cleaned the model up!

Despite that, I've made good progress on my Imperial Guard audit. I've not fully written it up but I do seem to have found most of my models. It looks like I have 3 infantry platoons, all the heavy weapons squads in the world, plus my tanks, which are mostly assembled and queued up to be painted now - so it looks like infantry is going to be the name of the game. Rebasing the heavy weapon squads in particular is going to be hellish, but I suppose I've been needing to learn how to use a Dremel for a while.

So, as for the coming week;
I'm going to leave the Demolisher Hull as "in progress" as something to come back to in between working on the Tech Priest, but the Tech Priest is now going to become the main goal. It is Salute on Saturday and I really want to have gotten some serious progress done with him before then! I'm not expecting to enter any of the Salute painting competitions - I'm not going to have anything done to a high standard by then - but I need to see progress. I am mulling over daily painting updates for this week to try and motivate me, but I'm not certain about that.

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