Friday 20 April 2012

Looking back, looking forward

Well, it seems that work beat hobby again today, and I didn't manage to get home in time to get any painting done. It is more than a little frustrating, but at least it was for good professional reasons today.

Tomorrow is Salute, so I will definitely not be getting any painting done. I will, in fact, be adding to my painting backlog, without a doubt.

There are a few people I'm definitely planning on saying hello to. First and foremost is Hasslefree, who sold me the figure who became my wedding topper last May! I'm hoping to bully the wife into taking the wedding topper along, even if she doesn't like the paint job on her part of it...

Since last year's Salute, I've gotten a little less enthused about non GW conversion parts for my Imperial Guard, primarily because a lot of my play in the past year has turned out to be in GW stores and a GW run tournament - I don't want to be investing extra money into models I can't use most of the times I play! I've not even used most of the parts I got last year as a result.

While I do want to get a lot of different conversion parts from Forgeworld or the various "bitz" suppliers around the web, I don't really need them right now - I have enough projects to be getting on with regarding my Guard, and I'm not yet starting on the Demons for Fantasy just yet.

So, what to do with my Salute money? Well, the answer would seem to be terrain. There are a lot of very good non GW bits of terrain out there, and, well, its not like I'm going to be taking terrain to a tournament.

There are so many terrain makers already advertised to be at Salute I have no idea where to start; Antenocitis Workshop, Amera, Micro Art Studios, Sarissa Precision, Tablescape, Urban Construct... There's probably even more I've forgotten!

I was also quite surprised yesterday to find someone new following my twitter account! It seems a company called "Tactical Terrain" in Germany has started following my account. I'm not sure how they found me, or why, but their site looks interesting, and it seems that the German I haven't really used since I was 16 was still enough to navigate their site. I may even buy one of their ruins to see if they are worth recommending!

One thing I have been pleasantly surprised at on this blog is that more things are happening that I think are interesting and I can talk about than I have time to write about. I still want to write something about blog stats, which I'm finding strangely fascinating and addictive. I also had an interesting game using the Death World rules from April's White Dwarf against Paul's Space Wolves, which I'd like to say a few things about. And yet I've not managed to fit those posts in around my current "two posts a week" routine...

They are for the future, but if anyone has a particular preference, do shout, as I've got Monday off and may find some time for a spare article!

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