Wednesday 4 April 2012

Kirby's Feedback on my Throne of Skulls January 2012 list

I wrote to Kirby, of 3++ is the new black ( for some feedback on the list. I asked him to prioritise changes for the gamer on a budget, and here's what he gave me! He didn't post them on his blog (he has a lot of more challenging and useful requests for feedback, I guess), so I'm posting it here instead.

"Hey Timothy,

It looks like you've got a bit of everything in there, so I'd be looking to double up with your purchases. Firstly, your CCS is way too expensive, drop all the upgrades and only keep the Astropath. Ordance is too innacruate and expensive, Fleet often helps your opponent as they simply get jack all in and are better able to counter alpha strike you and bodyguards are just a waste of points. Let you ropponent shoot at them rather than the other stuff that's killing them.

I'd be looking to add another Valk in but make both of them Vendettas for ranged shooting plus another Veteran in Chimera but with meltaguns - you don't really need the Penal Legion btw though they are a nice, cheap harassment force, they aren't reliable enough to do so every game.

Heavy Support is okay but spread thin - pick two of them and leave the 3rd at home to free up more points for Chimeras/Veterans/Infantry Platoons, etc. I'd personally go withthe Manticore and Hydra and potentially look to buy a 2nd Hydra (either in squad or not).

Hope that helps and sorry for delay!


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