Thursday 19 April 2012

Oops (stalled progress)

So, I didn't achieve anything at all yesterday from a painting point of view. I sat and watched some television with my wife.

Tonight, my wife got a whole bunch of painting done. I did not. In my defence I've worked late yesterday and today to make up for leaving work early on Tuesday!

My "achievement" for the day has been to set up my painting stuff at home so that I can come home tomorrow and be ready to paint something. However, my Guard audit is in the way a teensy bit, so I may need to put some of that away so I can properly paint.

So, in a rare attempt to actually solicit comments: How do other people manage to set themselves manageable goals for painting or other crafts projects? How do you keep your momentum up? Any useful hints, tips or tricks?

1 comment:

  1. Events are usually my motivator. I paint when the mood hits me but I only ever make progress when their is a tournament or campaign up an coming.