Saturday 28 April 2012

Death World Battle Mission vs Space Wolves

So, when Paul came over to do some 40K, we had time after the first game to fit in another - so I suggested we used the same army lists to play a Death World Battle Mission from April's White Dwarf.

We rolled up "Search and Rescue", and I got first deployment. Here was where we came across the first challenge. The scenario uses alternate deployment, with each side getting to deploy within their own table half but at least 18" away from an enemy...

Unfortunately, we don't have a gaming board, and the dining room table is 6' x 3' - so I very quickly denied most of the battlefield to Paul, and he got a horrid clumped deployment that he just didn't recover from. My squads ran forward, grabbed all the objectives and ran away with them while the rest of my army shot his advancing Space Wolves off the board...

The Death World random events were pretty fun and random. They did disadvantage one side or another at completely random, which meant that there was an additional element of complete chance in the game. This might not be to some people's taste, but it was genuinely good fun. I'd certainly recommend people try them out.

I think I also need to think about the thin table. Sim is adamant I shouldn't invest in some table boards right now, so I think introducing a house rule about the narrower table and the distance units are from each other may be worthwhile. They still need to be out of assault range of each other, but perhaps, where Fleet isn't involved, something under 18" may be worthwhile for "distance deployed apart"?

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