Monday 8 June 2020

A much needed week off

While I'm still working from home for the foreseeable future, I decided to take a week off. Work has been super busy and stressful of late, and it's reflected in how little hobbying I've managed to get done. While my focus is on relaxing, I definitely want to get on with some hobby. So here's a quick review of where we're at.

Queek and Delphine the Amazon berserker are both nearly done. The idea is to work from "right to left", finishing up projects and pulling in new ones as I do.

The finished Bad Squiddo Amazons need a coat of varnish before they go away, but I spotted a chipped base edge that needed a tidy up before I did that. So we're just waiting on the base edge to dry before they get their protective coat.

Gnawholes. They remain Gnawhole like.

I've washed the much overdue trolls from Aenor Miniatures ahead of assembly. I really love these sculpts and am excited to get some paint on them.

The scaffolding for the gnawholes is a bit of a chore, but I'm determined to get it done.

I also ordered a case for my Skaven, once they're assembled, from Frontier Wargaming. I really like what they've delivered, and I got them to add the club logo on the side as well.

The idea is that I'll be magnetising the bases of my Skaven and fitting them onto the shelves. There's a couple of small draws at the bottom for tokens, dice and so on.

I've also farmed out a few random metal miniatures to some of the club. This should solve the problem of not being able to assemble metal miniatures at home, but I better get painting to make sure there's space for them when they get back!


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    1. Yeah, I'm pretty excited to get the models to go in it painted up. :)