Wednesday 17 June 2020

Work in Progress Wednesday: Aenor Miniatures Trolls

One of the longer-standing items on my "to do" list has been an assortment of models I picked up from the Aenor Miniatures Kickstarter.

I really should have finished these last year and frankly I only got to start assembling them last week.

They're gorgeous miniatures with tons of texture that I think is going to really take well to both Contrast Paints and dry brushing. I played around a little with Games Workshop crackle and texture paints on their basing, and gave them all a skull from the GW Skulls Pack to give a bit of character to the bases, and because I can't find my bag of rocks since the move.

I gave them a black undercoat with a spray can, then caught a few bits that were missed with black brush on undercoat, before giving them a heavy zenithal spray with Wraithbone. I would recommend undercoating these with an airbrush if you have it available, though, as making sure you get the paint into all the nooks and crannies of the model is much easier if you're holding it in your hand and have an airbrush's trigger control.

Still, they're now sitting on the shelf ready for painting, which is a good step forward. If you're tempted to get them yourself, they've been available for sale outside the Kickstarter for absolutely ages.


  1. Yeah - those are some gorgeous models - looking forward to seeing them completed!

    1. Apparently their Orc and Ogre Kickstarter is starting to deliver, and I'm super tempted by some of their Ogres...