Thursday 11 June 2020

HATE Isolation League Round 3: Supplies vs Onyx Contact Force

For game three of our Isolation League, I was down at the bottom of the table after two major losses, and up against Onyx Contact Force, who'd been having some similar luck. The mission was Supplies, where you try an retrieve crates from boxes in the middle of the table. I decided to run the Hollow Man fire team for this game. They're fast moving robots who are tough and can jump ridiculous distances.

I also love their background. They're the heavy security for Tunguska's banks. To make sure they stay loyal, they're actually piloted by people who are now basically brains in jars kept in the bank's vaults to ensure their loyalty.

The link advanced up the table and happily murdered everything that got in their way. I also got to use Pitchers successfully, which pleased me. The Hollow Man team fired a Repeater into the building where Bit was hiding out, and my Interventor Killer Hacker then hacked through it to target Bit and melt her brain.

Ko Dali went to clear one of the boxes, but ran up against a Heckler with a boarding shotgun who had other ideas. The Onyx Contact Force were rapidly running out of hit pieces! A Noctifer Missile Launcher made another valiant attempt to cause damage, but while it was super hard to hit, the Hollow Men took the "quantity has a quality all of it's own" approach and put so many bullets in the Noctifer's general direction that one took it out.

A final brave attempt by a Malignos could dislodge the link team. The Noctifer Lieutenant did manage to gun down the random specialist holding the third box, but then died trying to kill a second box holder to bring the game back to a draw...

Not too many lessons to learn from this game at this point other than "That Hollow Man fire team is a bit good, isn't it?"

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