Friday 16 October 2020

Future Fridays: A realistic pace

This past week, I've been on holiday, trying to focus a bit on my painting. It turned out that there was way more housework to catch up than I thought, but as Friday starts, I've got three models finished and am progressing a fourth nicely. I'll be getting onto taking nice photos of those models later for a post next week.

What it has highlighted to me is that, even if I get my painting up to "a model a day" - and I'm not there yet - there's really no need to have over 70 assembled and undercoated models sitting in the "work on next" trays.

It creates a mental clutter, a visible stress that tells my subconscious that there's no point in painting because there's too much to do. It's counter productive. So a lot of things I'm not going to be working on soon will be going away into boxes.

I'll be keeping a good handful of quick and easy paint jobs to hand to work on while I'm working on my larger projects. But I need to avoid the mistakes I've made with the Pit Fighter and the Trolls - taking a complex and time consuming paint job as a 'quick win' and getting demoralised by it taking so long to complete. They can go and sit in a box until one of my project slots opens up.

So, the idea now is that the "next project" will be out and ready to go, along with a handful of 'easy to do" paint or assembly jobs. In the meantime, I can put everything else away, and tidy a bit more of the work space.

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