Monday 12 October 2020

Invisible obstacles

I've got the week off, and I told myself I'd try and get a model painted a day, as I didn't really have any other commitments. It's now the end of Monday and I haven't sat down to paint once.

I've got no doubt that the messy painting desk is a big obstacle to this, mentally. I've got a lot of other housework done procrastinating clearing the painting area.

But if you're wondering why you're not sitting down to paint, maybe have a look at what is stopping you?

To try and keep this mayhem under control and try and step up the painting rate, I've thought of a new target for the rest of the year. October will be finishing up the Shasvastii from Wildfire and the Aenor Trolls. November will be the Viktoria Malifaux crew I got assembled ages ago. And December will be the painting of the Skaven Island of Blood set I meant to start at the start of lockdown.

First up, though, is finishing up all the half finished things on the desk, as they've clearly become some sort of mental block to be getting started. And a clear desk, too!


  1. Yes a small amount of tidying in’ve made me feel better about my mess though 👍