Wednesday 28 October 2020

Work in Progress Wednesday - 40K Inquisition

I've got quite a few bits and pieces of 40K stuff in the paint queue - Inquisitors and other Imperial agents.

I'm not hugely enthused by 40K at the moment. I'm liking the look of what Games Workshop is doing with the rules in general, and am kind of keen to try out some smaller patrol games when I can get out again. But the new edition launch not having a digital version has been really rather disappointing for me, meaning I've still not picked up a copy of the new edition. I moved over to digital books to save space at home and have less to carry to games, and I'm less than happy that they seem to have moved away from that again.

I'll not be giving up 40K or anything like that. It's just been a bit disheartening. I'm sure I'll get into it in time.

I've got a couple of priests to do, either for my Guard or for the Sisters I'm planning to do.

I have a few Inquisitors to do, mostly from an old Made to Order Games Workshop ran a while back.

I'm not sure all the wargear these models are armed with are available in the current rules. I'm not too worried, though, as the models are pretty awesome looking.

I also have a Death Cultist I picked up cheaply at some point. That said, roll on plastic miniatures for the Death Cultists!

Also, not included in the group shot, I also found this Inquisitor on the "to do" tray after I'd done the group shot. I've left the book off to get the painting done separately.

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