Monday 19 October 2020

The painting results of a week off


My goal last week was to try and paint one of the Aenor Trolls, a Shasvastii and the old EM4 ganger. I've managed to complete one of these three things, and also paint two other models while procrasting what I 'should' have been painting.

I actually got a ton more tidying and housework done than I'd planned / expected. But this remains my painting blog and not my housework blog!

This giant iguana is produced by Bad Squiddo, and is apparently called Leif. I got him on an impulse years ago, and thought it would be good to get a little paint on him. He's a lovely sculpt and super easy to paint. He'd been undercoated with Mechanicus Standard Grey. I drybrushed white over the top of this, then used the Warpstone Glow contrast paint. The skin was finished up with a light green drybrush from the top down. I then painted in the other details.

I quickly finished up this ganger at the start of the week. Not sure if he has a use in any particular game, but he's done now.

Another Bad Squiddo sculpt, Morgana is a good natural spell caster / druid type model. I made the mistake of not lightening up her Mechanicus Standard Grey undercoat before applying contrast, so she was a little too dark. I added a Karak Stone drybrush to bring her up a little bit, but I think it would have been better adding the lighter tones before painting on the contrast.

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