Monday 12 October 2020

Latest Infinity Commission Painting


I recently got back an assortment of bits and pieces I'd sent off to my commission painter. This was mostly an 'odds and ends' batch of little bits and pieces for different factions I've got.

First up is this Maghariba Guard pilot for Dahshat. I got her cheap in a deal, as I don't actually have the Maghariba Guard itself!

I picked up the newer Odalisque Spitfire model. I'll definitely want to give a bit of time to trying this out with Dahshat Company, but it'll also run fine in Qapu Khalqi when that gets published in November.

The Janissary HMG is also for Qapu Khalqi. I picked him up in a cheap bulk deal - hopefully I'll be able to pick up a box of his friends in the near future.

I also grabbed the older box of Kaplan Tactical Services so I've got some flexibility in what profiles I take in that fireteam when I get the newer box.

Meanwhile for Ikari Company, the Cube Jaeger is all painted up and ready to go.

I've also got the Keisotsu for Ikari Company done. We're still missing the Tanko, which are key to making Ikari work, but I've been holding out on getting those until we saw the Ikari army list for N4 in case anything changed.

And finally, I got the Tokusetsu Butai, the Support Pack that Ikari use, so I've got a doctor and engineer option if needed.

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