Monday 5 October 2020

How did September go?


I got a couple of minis painted over September. Nothing super exciting, but it's still progress. It seems to mostly be among the quick win small projects I have alongside the big projects I want to get done.

I was particularly pleased with how the Bad Squiddo Guinea Pig turned out. This month also saw me exceed the target of painting 60 miniatures within a year. Getting that done in September is a really good sign.

I've also had a bunch of assorted Infinity miniatures back from my commission painter. You can find him at Highland Wargaming on Facebook. I'll show off everything I got back next week. The new edition of Infinity is out now, and I'm enjoying learning what's different. Once I've had some time to absorb it, I'll write up some thoughts on the blog.


  1. 60 miniatures a year! And you’ve done it by September. Nice going. I daren’t think how long it takes me to get that far.

    1. A lot of them were scatter terrain crates, but technicalities count!