Wednesday 14 October 2020

Work in Progress Wednesday - Skaventide Assortment

I've still got a few Skaven lined up to get painted. I still need to get on to some actual units, but there's a good variety of characters to get done.

The classic Deathmaster came from the Made to Order that Games Workshop put out a while back. He's made it to the Shelf of Shame as I've had him a bit too long.

The Arch-Warlock was the other Made to Order item. I've left his back piece separate for easy of painting.

This is a Games Day Clawlord from years back. I absolutely adore the pose they've managed to get with this sculpt and am really excited to get him painted.

I also picked up a Ratling Gun with some other bits and pieces to get the value up to the free postage amount. I've heard they're currently really rather good!

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