Monday 21 December 2020

A baby dragon and holidays

I’m sitting in a small quiet flat listening to sad folk music while I type this. I’m done with work for the year and I have a little time off I plan to use on painting, mostly.

It has been a year. What’s happened to all of us has fundamentally been traumatic, and it’s going to take time to recover and process that.

Often, there’s a pressure you don’t realise it’s there until there’s an absence. When I finish painting a miniature, it feels like a weight lifts for a little while.

This small baby dragon came from War World Miniatures. If your Christmas allows, maybe take a moment to take a look through my “Small Companies” tab and buy a few things to help them get through.

I never really know who’s reading these posts. I hope you have a restful few days, as best you can. Thank you for reading.


  1. Many thanks for all the fab posts this year!

    I've really enjoyed perusing your blog and hope you have a good festive period!

    This year has pretty much sucked but hopefully next year will be better. I'm dreading another lockdown but have fortified myself with miniatures to help me cope!

    All the best!

    1. Conveniently, I do not have a shortage of miniatures...

  2. Quite a year indeed. Merry Christmas, sir.