Monday 28 December 2020

Some generic fantasy miniatures

I've got a few bits and pieces finished up over the Christmas break. I've had these Reaper Bones Kobolds sitting around for years, and they were a good thing to throw some paint onto whenever I was waiting for the paint to dry on the main thing I was painting.

I'm not overly fond of these sculpts, and I've considered that I might use them for something like Firenewts if I find some Kobold sculpts I love more.

And here's the model I was focussing on getting finished. He's a guard by Otherworld Miniatures. I really love his old school generic fantasy sensibilities while still being quite a delicate sculpt. I've spotted a couple of bits where I've missed an overpaint, and I may go back to him at some point in the future for a little makeover.

And, as they're both from generic fantasy land, here's a scene where the local guard is facing down some Kobolds, posturing and threatening. He's not convinced they're much of a threat, so he's not even unslung his shield just yet. He's probably not being paid enough for this nonsense...

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