Monday 7 December 2020

In which I get very confused


This model has been working its way through my paint queue for a while now. I thought she was "Dagny, Viking Guard" from Bronze Age Miniatures, supplied in the UK by Fenris Games. It's what I've been referring to her as that in my work in progress posts and everything. As I was painting her, I was thinking "she's wearing fewer clothes than my usual taste in miniatures"...

And that's because, as those who have clicked the link already will have surmised, she is not Dagny. She's Geiravor the Valkyrie.

I am not a smart man.

Still, she's finished now. Painted with contrast over a black undercoat and zenithal Grey Seer, with the odd bit of dry brushing. I also tried out Games Workshop snow for the first time, and I quite like it, although I think it will look better if you use a darker earth colour than I did.

Narratively, I've decided that Geiravor here is actually an elf from the fae wilds, who's tapping into the myths of how she thinks barbarians work, rather than how they work in practice. I like how sometimes miniatures give you ideas for an NPC encounter...


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    1. Oh yes. It's just there was a moderate lag between being sent a totally different model to the one I ordered and coming to the conclusion that it wasn't the model I'd intended to order.

      I mean, lucky Fenris Games, I guess, as now I need to put in another order...