Wednesday 30 December 2020

Work in Progress Wednesday - Teasing some projects for the New Year

First up, I've gotten these Micro Art Studios crates cleaned up ready for undercoating. I normally undercoat before I photograph this sort of thing, but I'm planning on undercoating these black and then drybrushing up, so you wouldn't see much otherwise.

I grabbed these crates from a clearance bin at some point and I wasn't quite prepared for just how large they are. Here they are next to a Gwailo, which is one of the larger Shasvastii models. They've got some heft to them.

I also undercoated up this Stormcast Liberator who came free with White Dwarf when Age of Sigmar first came out. The plan is to use him as a test model for a colour scheme . . .

And this is what it's a test model for. I'm planning on trying some Underworlds when the world is open again, and I managed to pick up a good deal on a couple of Warbands from someone who'd assembled them and was looking to offload them.

I have spotted a couple of gaps I'll need to green stuff, but it's nothing disastrous.

I also got the Thorns of the Briar Queen in the same purchase. I haven't quite worked out how I plan to paint these ones yet. I may try something new. That's one of the things that's appealing about Underworlds - the ability to try out different painting techniques on a handful of models.

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