Friday 11 December 2020

Learning Infinity N4 - Playing for fun


I recently got in a few games of Infinity in Tabletop Simulator with "The White Company", the new non-aligned faction mercenary company in N4. The League was intended to be an introduction for new players with some of the more experienced players also playing to help people learn and get experience. I've got a few models for them from Kaldstrom that are off with a commission painter at the moment, and I thought it would be cool to play a faction I've not played before.

It was excellent fun, but made me realise that my plans for "try and get competitive" with Shasvastii aren't bringing me as much joy as they could. Without any upcoming tournaments to be practicing for, practicing perfecting one force for the sake of it isn't giving me much in the way of a pay off.

So, I'll probably try out a few of the other factions I have models for in some TTS games for a bit. Lockdown is still a slow, gradual erosion of coping mechanisms through stress and uncertainty, and it's best not to add to it.

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