Monday 14 December 2020

Fenris Games Sulaco Engineering Objective

I threw a quick paint job together on this Sulaco Engineering Objective by Fenris Games.

I undercoated it black, and did a couple of coats of dark green and a wash before two successively lighter green drybrushes. I painted the metal and smeared on a lot of Typhus Corrosion. I think maybe it could have done with a revisit of the lightest drybrush?

I then added a bunch of tufts by Gamers Grass that I picked up from Bad Squiddo. The idea was to make it look out of commission with plantlife growing out of it. I think it mostly worked, but I think the blue one in the middle is probably a little too big.

There's lots of fun details you could take time to pick out if you fancied it, but I went with a very simply paint scheme for tabletop gaming quality.


  1. Sulaco ? You could have a rain filter on the pictures...

    1. Trying to work out a rain filter is a step too far for me! :)