Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Work in Progress Wednesday: Shasvastii Reinforcements

In which I muddled up my photos of my Shasvastii because I haven't learnt what they all look like yet, and only thought to look it up while writing the blog post, and other disorganisation.

This is a Haiduk. He's an awesome sniper with a fancy visor that lets him see through smoke and lots of the camouflage that sneaky types use to get around the battlefield. He can also set up a small sapper's sniper nest for himself to give himself more protection if he wants to use an exposed firing position.

I absolutely adore this model. He's just absolutely gorgeous. What I didn't think through was that clever Sapper skill requires two different base sizes and silhouettes. I'm sure other people could be clever and magnetise him, but I'm just going to buy a second one and mount him on the other base size so I've got both.

And, in this photo and the next photo, I mixed up my Nox with other models. I shouldn't have guessed and should have looked it up. Never mind. From left to right we have a Spec Ops, a Seed Soldier, and a Nox with Heavy Machine Gun.

The Spec Ops is used for a particular game play mode, but I suspect I'll be using him as a second Shrouded an awful lot as there's a big similarity. The Seed Soldier is a super good midfield disruption piece. I think I've got another three coming in Infinity: Defiance when it shows up. And the Nox are Shasvastii line troopers. The HMG will rarely get an outing, just when I want a back up offensive gun when I'm running a link...

Here we have a Nox Sniper, a Mentor with Shock Marksman Rifle, and a Nox Hacker. The Nox Sniper is an interesting one as it has an option to take guided ammunition and fire off rounds from out of line of sight against models that have been targeted. The hacker, again, is likely to be a specialist when I take a link but otherwise rarely taken. The Mentor is an excellent Lieutenant option, and one I've been recommended to try over my usual, cheaper Boarding Shotgun version, as the Marksman Rifle gives him enough range to let him do a bit of shooting in the late game.

I also managed to completely fail to include this Nox Forward Observer in the group shot. So three separate mess ups in a single blog post. But life is too short and I'm not taking all the photos again. This fellow came in the Shasvastii paint set, but if I want a cheaper, non hackable specialist option in a Nox link, he's the one to take...

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