Monday 7 June 2021

A productive weekend - taking up a challenge and finishing the Lantern Bearer

This week, Corvus Belli announced a painting competition. The idea is that you have until 14 July to paint up a playable list for Infinity. While I had a bunch of half finished stuff on my desk, I decided that this could be good motivation to try and get some stuff done - especially with a long weekend booked off work for a now cancelled LARP. You can see the models I've picked above, and even read the list if you fancy it. It's not a particularly competitive list and was mostly selected on the basis of finding ten models I had assembled but without having started painting.

I took the opportunity to finish up the Otherworld Lantern Bearer this weekend, so I've got less work in progress. I do still have three half finished Shasvastii on the desk, but as they'll need the same colours as the painting competition models, it shouldn't be too hard to get them finished up as I go.

I also have another model finished which will have it's own dedicated post on Friday. Another company has seen fit to send me a model that hasn't been released yet - and I got it finished over the weekend as well. I felt that it deserved its own dedicated post, though!

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