Saturday 19 June 2021

Sisters of Battle Saturday - The last of this batch

Once again, all miniatures painted by Squiggle's Studio. First up is the third of the Canonesses I sent off. In this case, it's the old metal one that I'd grabbed just before they went out of stock to give me a bit more variety in model options.

Also from the "last bits and bobs of metal" we have the Imagifier, or "Lady with a Banner". I really love the squiggles that Squiggle did . . .

Also present and pretty darned awesome is the Sister Dialogus. I've always loved this model, with her weird speaker staff and loads of scrolls. Again, excellent squiggle work.

I had one metal squad of old Sisters, and it was a unit of Repentia. Mostly because I loved the idea of angry ladies with massive chainswords charging at people screaming. A little bit because Imperial Guard are bad at combat and I wanted something that is. But mostly because I've always thought they're awesome.

The old metal models are a bit limited compared to the new plastic sculpts, but they hold up OK, I guess.

Squiggle did a good job with alternating basing, poses and skin tones to cope with the limited poses of the metal sculpts.

I particularly like the pillar on this base helping break things up a bit.

There is no doubt, even with the old sculpts, that these ladies can and will absolutely wreck you.

The upside of the new plastics is that they allow the sculptors to do this sort of thing.

The downside, of course, is that they're not the easiest to transport.

And with these four Repentia from the army box, that's everything from this commission batch. I'd definitely recommend Squiggle's Studio if you are looking to get an army on the table. While I definitely want to get a few more Sisters to bring the size of the force up, there's going to be a few other things getting painted before I buy anything new...


  1. I am liking the sisters, especially the older ones.

    And you're right about the new sister superior; that whip is clearly better from an artistic and thematic POV. And equally shite from a transporting and staying unbroken POV.

    1. I was able to carefully put her in a KR case slot in the end - I'm not sure if they've thought about how the model fits into foam. If they didn't, it's a lucky coincidence that it fits really nicely into foam...