Monday 21 June 2021

Being much more productive

To start off with, I'm plugging away at Corvus Belli's "Organised play at home" painting competition. I'm a little behind where I wanted to be, but all the models now have paint on.

As part of making space to complete the challenge, I managed to finish up the "Combined Army Pneumarch" HVT model I've had sitting as work in progress for a while.

I do want to practice "muddy cloak hems" in future, as I think I could do better. But I'm really pleased with the texture on the cloak itself.

HTVs, or "High Value Targets" are important models that help provide random secondary objectives (or "Classifieds" to your army during games of Infinity. Some missions also need you to have a number of civilian models to be either rescued or assassinated.

I also knocked out a "quick tabletop job" on Brath the Stag, who I picked up at random from Fenris Games a while back. He's one of the ranges that Fenris import from the US, in this case, from "Barbaric Splendor" games. They seem to use a wide variety of sculptors with different styles, but I really liked this one, and it took paint really easily.

As I first took photos, I felt that his cloak was a little too dull and needed a bit more work.

So I spent a quick minute dropping in some extra brighter red highlights with a Citadel Air paint. My blending was a little off and it wasn't as smooth as it could have been, but it looks much better from further away now. I'm declaring him "done", as otherwise I'll just end up going back again to do some feathering and blending to get the cloak better and he'll stop being a "quick tabletop job" and start being a time sink.

He's done. Varnish him and put him away, Self. You don't need to do anything more on this one, there's more models to paint.

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