Monday 14 June 2021

Error: Blog Author has Melted

Due to cancelled LARP, I had a few days booked off for a long weekend. I had some grand plans to get loads of painting done.

I had not counted on the heat.

I've done a whole bunch of tidying around the hobby area, finished GTA:V and a few other jobs around the flat, but there aren't any painted models by blog writing deadline time.

Still, it's cooling down as we hit the evening now, and I'm not back at work until Wednesday, so lets see if I can get something done in time for next week!


  1. It has been awful for everyone who doesn't do well in the tropical heat. Which includes me. And anyone who needs to wear multiple layers of fire resistant clothing for work. Which includes me.

    But on the flip side, it makes spraying things very quick to get to 'safe to touch'.

    1. Oh dear god. I can't imagine how bad multiple layers of protective gear is like in this heat.

      I've actually had a really productive painting "day" today, although it only really kicked off once it got cool in the evening...