Saturday, 5 June 2021

Sisters of Battle Saturday - Mostly Not Sisters

With the new Sisters of Battle Codex going up for pre-order today, I thought it would be worth putting up a few more of the models I had Squiggle's Studio paint. First up, we have the Canoness model based on the old John Blanche illustration. I've ended up with a few different Canoness models, so I have the option of swapping different ones in for different load outs if I need to.

The Sister Hospitaller is the old metal model. As the new one comes on a massive scenic base I asked for her to be put on a larger base so I wouldn't have any problems at tournaments or anything like that. Adding the street lamp was an excellent touch and I think it stops the model looking drowned on the base.

The underhive of Terra is a dangerous place, but the Word of the Emperor needs to be brought to all the dark places.

Arco-flagellants are one of the nastier bits of the 40K background. Criminals and heretics are turned into cybernetic berserkers to charge at the enemies of the faith. I'd ended up with a whole bunch of these - I had three old Finecast ones I'd picked up when the Inquisition could take them, the three monopose ones from the Sisters army box, and another box of ten I'd got in the "Supply Drop" box.

The sculpts are all all super dynamic and varied. I've got them all in KR foam now, but I am a little nervous for them . . . 

Here you can see the three older Finecast models alongside one of the new plastic models. The better material allows for much more dynamic and detailed poses, and I'm a huge fan.

I understand Arco-flagellants are pretty good in the current book, so I'll be curious how they turn out in the new one. 

I've got a nice little horde of them, so it should be fun to have them run around the table and charge into things.

Finally, I've got the Penitent Engine from the Sisters Army Box. It's basically "what if Arco-flagellant, but strap them into a big walker?" Getting a couple more is almost certainly on the cards when I expand the force a little beyond the thousand points or so I have at the moment.


  1. I'm also a fan of the new arco flagellents. And I do like those Stargrave character models you posted last time.

    1. Yeah, they should be a fun little project at some point when I'm less distracted by other fun little projects...

  2. Lovely work! I think the bigger base works really well with the street light, like you said.

    1. Yeah, the height really helps make sure them miniature is framed rather than drowned.