Monday, 1 November 2021

A look back on October

It's not been the busiest of painting months, only getting a couple of figures finished. The Noctifer had been waiting a while, and Raging Annie is downright awesome.

I managed to get a couple of in person games in - one of Malifaux and one of Infinity. Another game of Infinity got cancelled due to my opponent being unavailable. Also, with the rising infection rates in the UK I made the sad decision to cancel my attendance at the UK Malifaux Nationals.

The combination of travelling there by public transport and the current confirmed measures were just a bit much for me in combination. I'm only just feeling OK to go to Salute, due to the combination of it being close enough to walk, the strict entry policy the Excel is enforcing, and that I can move around the show and go to less crowded spots if I feel the need.

I've also had the massive Defiance Kickstarter from Corvus Belli arrive. I lost a full weekend to cataloguing and checking all the components, and just spent this weekend listing the remaining extras I don't need on eBay. I just put each bit up at a 99p starting bid - it owes me nothing and is taking up space, so I want it gone.

For November, I'd like to finish up what I've got in progress at the moment - the Shasvastii Gwailo, some Aenor goblins and a fan sculpt Oldhammer style robot. It's been a few weeks since I've sat down to paint, so I think getting myself back into the routine of sitting down and doing a little each day will be a good monthly resolution.

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