Monday 3 January 2022

Plans for the Year, Plans for January

Christmas has been and gone, and my hobby presents were limited to a few Kimera Colours paints to try out. I've tidied up the hobby area a bunch and am all lined up for some new hobby projects.

My plans to "only buy one miniature in December" catastrophically failed as a hobby shop decided to stop selling toy soldiers and listed their Infinity range at a 50% discount. New Year's Resolution: Stop Doing This.

I'm going to stop tracking "overdue models" on the blog. It turns into more time I'm spending tracking what I'm painting rather than painting.

I will try and stick to "only buy half as many miniatures as you've painted" - with one thing painted last month, I've got no "allowance" in January. We'll see how it goes. I'm still working towards buying Dungeon Bowl, I just need to be a bit more productive, and hopefully a clear hobby desk will facilitate that.

The plan for January is a revisit of my Shasvastii. St Albans Smackdown is on 5 February, and provided the island hasn't sunk into some new level of plague infested hell pit, I'm planning to go, with a Shasvastii force I've painted all myself.

I haven't finalised my lists yet, but the first priority is going to be the Ikadrons and the R-Drone, as those are models I commonly take. The Seed Soldier is probably next, with the Cadmus and E-Drone bringing up the rear.

Possibly even more importantly, I need to get these breach markers from Defiance assembled, painted up and based to work as Taighas, as I've found them absolutely key to making Shasvastii work as a force. I also need to check if any of the missions require a S1 turret model, and if so, get one of those painted.

The bonus goals on the assembly front will be to get the rest of the Defiance Scenery Pack prepped and undercoated ready for paint, and finishing up the base rims of my Deathwatch force.


  1. Excellent haul of stuff! Be aware that Billionaire’s shortbread got nerfed in the latest update and so aren’t so meta defining anymore 😉

    1. They were, however, delicious, and I have eaten them all...