Wednesday 26 January 2022

Infinity White Company - John Hawkwood

Part of the Infinity: Defiance Kickstarter was a model for John Hawkwood, the leader of the White Company mercenary faction. I've already got a bunch of White Company from the Operation Kaldstrom box and a few bits and bobs I had lying around. I've got another batch out for commission at the moment, too.

However, I decided for this figure to commission That Mr Shy to paint him. He's absolutely knocked it out of the park. I'll still need to get a few more figures done before I'm ready to put the White Company on the table - I'm expecting to do so towards the end of the summer when the new tournament season starts. In the meantime, the plan is for me to keep going with my Shasvastii.


  1. oh man, I can even see grey streaks in his hair!

    1. Yeah, the painter is absolutely amazing and I'll definitely be sending some more work his way in future.