Monday 17 January 2022

Settling into a routine

So, preparation for St Albans Smackdown continues apace. First up, I've assembled and undercoated my Defiance Breach Markers to use as Taighas. Pretty much every list I've tested has some, and they're incredibly useful for Shasvastii lists.

I've also cleaned up and undercoated the Defiance turret models so I can use one as a reaction turret for the mission that has it. With those done that's everything I might need to use assembled and undercoated, so even if I don't get my painting done on time, I can still play!

I had, however, forgotten that the Countermeasures mission requires three civilian (HVT) models, so I've dug out the other two I already had assembled so they can see some paint too.

My test missions so far have shown I'm almost certainly not going to want to use the E-drone or the Cadmus Hacker in my lists. However, a bunch of the drafts are ending up including Corax Hasht, and some are using a Nox Hacker. Now, I could use one of my painted Nox Troopers with Combi Rifles I already have painted for the latter, but getting him out so I can use the right model if I do well with the painting is a good shout.

I also got the supply crates and dead bodies cleaned in time to undercoat, although I didn't get to the consoles and doors. With this batch of undercoating done, they're going to the bottom of the pile as I switch my focus to painting for the next few weeks.

I was particularly pleased this week with how I got a little hobby done some evenings after work, and also managed to get in some undercoating on my lunch breaks while the weather was good rather than needing to wait for the weekend.

I got a commission back from That Mr Shy, and I'll be showing that off later as it deserves its own post. He was kind enough to include a miniature in the box for me to paint. The focus for now is getting ready for St Albans Smackdown, so I'll probably look to get her assembled in February after the tournament, unless I finish early.

If this was a video I'd insert a clip of me laughing hollowly at this point. When has my hobby stuff ever been early?

Also arriving to the flat were 16 miniatures from the Arcworlde Comic Kickstarter. I already loved the Arcworlde range, but these were the first computer sculpted miniatures for the range and they absolutely blew me out of the water. The detail they can get in single cast resin is incredible, and the larger models with multiple parts fit together incredibly snugly.

So, February's assembly roster seems to be one metal Reaper figure and 16 Arcworlde models. I should also probably look at getting some of my Salute purchases together. My, it's really piling up, isn't it?

Recent news from Corvus Belli has also changed my "what to buy" plans. They've announced that in April, the Morat Aggression Force is going to be discontinued. I have been planning for a while to expand into the wider Combined Army once I'd got my Shasvastii painted, and there's around 36 or so Morat models on the list for discontinuing that I don't have.

I have no intention of trying to hunt down that many models on the second hand market after they've been discontinued. So, Dungeon Bowl is sadly being put to one side as a target for now in favour of soon to be discontinued models for a faction I'm already playing.

Without a particular project deadline post St Albans Smackdown, I'm thinking spending a little time painting random cool models would be a good way of getting to the point where I've got enough painted to get the Morats.

This is feeling pretty positive. I haven't quite got regular hobby into my routine just yet, but it's feeling like I'm getting regular progress, which is good for my morale. Hobbies are things we should enjoy, after all!


  1. Your hobby progress seems to be coming along quite nicely now. Perhaps even faster than ever. Nice work. I'm looking forward to seeing some paint on those Defiance Turrets.

    1. They're done now and there's photos up on the blog!