Monday 31 January 2022

Help Support Fenris Games

I'm changing from my planned progress report on my tournament painting to bring you news of some awesome toy soldiers from a small company that needs supporting. You'll have seen a bunch of models I've painted by Fenris Games over the past year or two. The company is excellent, Ian who runs it is excellent.

They are running a crowd funder for some more Wyrdworld models, and a Goatkin warband. Normally, you'd expect this sort of thing to be on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, Kickstarter has announced that they're getting into "Crypto" technologies, which are broadly a useless scam that destroy the environment. So, Ian has chosen to run his latest pre-order through his website and Ko-Fi. (In Ko-Fi, click on the "Commissions" tab to order.)

It's important to support small wargaming companies so they stick around in normal circumstances. In this instance, Ian has chosen to do the right thing morally, and it's probably going to cost him quite a bit in terms of actual money to run his business. If you can spare some cash, please do help him out.

The first of the two big "themes" of models in this release are an assortment of horrible Goatkin. These nasty mutated monsters could be used as Broo in Runequest or Chaos Beastmen Warhammer or Age of Sigmar. (It's almost like they're very similar...) They would also work really well as Animal Cultists in Mork Borg Forbidden Psalm.

There's also some additional Wyrdworld characters, following on from the last Kickstarter. These animal folk could be good for RPGs, Frostgrave, or any miniatures agnostic skirmish game.

The pre-order is only up for a couple of weeks, so please do drop in and chip in to offer some support for a company that's putting money on the line for the sake of their principles.

Normal service on the blog will resume from the next scheduled post.

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