Friday 14 January 2022

Salute 2021: Mantic Deadzone

One of the bigger companies at Salute was Mantic Games, who were showing off their new edition of Deadzone.

Deadzone is Mantic's sci fi skirmish game. It uses large squares as part of the mechanics. It looks quite fun, but I'm trying not to start any new games right now . . .


  1. Good to see they were pushing it - I decided to try it out with my original Kickstarter gear after they gave the new version of the digital rules away free on the cover of a wargaming magazine.

    Also, could I ask what happened to your blog roll? I was always impressed with the list you had and it was the start of many a jaunt around the wargaming blogosphere 😁

    1. Unfortunately, Blogger removed some support from the Blog Roll widget that meant it was impossible to maintain any more.
      I put a bunch of time into making sure I didn't link to dead blogs, broken links and so on - but the changes meant it wasn't possible to do that any more.
      It was really disappointing as I even used it myself when it worked.
      (I did some searching and it looks like it was some third party code they were having to pay someone for, so they ditched it.)
      You can still see the blogs I follow if you click through to my profile, although that is sadly not as good as the old blog roll.