Wednesday 2 March 2022

A few more Deathwatch

You may have spotted some of these models in my One Page Rules battle reports, but here's some fancy glamour shots of them! First up are the Aggressors, who I had made up with their flamer configuration. While the flamers were absolutely amazing in One Page Rules, I have a current sneaking suspicion that the Bolter option might have been better for the current Warhammer 40,000 rules set. We'll find out when I get a game in!

This tiny Intercessor squad is made up of four single pose donated Marines from a friend, and the limited edition Sergeant Jovan. I included them in the commission on a whim at the last minute when I realised I could scrounge up a viable squad, as it means I end up with another playable Troops choice, and can also use them in future as the base for one of the fancy multi unit Kill Teams that are a big strength of the Deathwatch.

The Reivers, meanwhile, I got bundled as part of a trade for some models I'm not using. They're definitely not great in the current edition but there's the odd circumstance where you might want to drop one into a squad to give them access to the Reiver's equipment. I may end up taking them in a list to make up points until I have some better options . . . 

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