Monday 19 December 2022

Heresy Work in Progress, Disappointment and Getting Boring Tasks Done

I've now settled on the colour scheme for my Alpha Legion. It's following a Warhammer TV tutorial, with metal base, then a coat of Gryph-Charger Grey over everything, then blocking in the panels with Akhelian Green. I started trying an alternative scheme using Kroxigor Scales to block in the panels but it was far too green for my liking, so I stuck with this option.

Also, I was an idiot for fully assembling this miniature. Base coating the cloak was an absolute nightmare. I'm now going to drop in the rest of the colours to get him finish off, then move on to the Terminator.

The bases, however, I'm not loving. The crackle paint isn't as robust as I'd like, and the colours I've gone for just aren't appealing to me. I'm going to base up a whole bunch of 25mm bases and blitz a ton of colour options until I see one I like.

I was hoping to get out for my first game of 9th edition 40K, but a combination of circumstances including not being able to find one of my Deathwatch cases from where its been tidied to meant we called it off for now. It's frustrating, but it's highlighted to me how much there is still to do at the flat.

I've also started on the not at all photogenic job of tidying up the black undercoats on all the remaining O-12 I have that aren't ready for paint yet. There's a lot of half finished jobs lying around I'd like to finish up before the end of the year if I can, and this is one of the biggest.


  1. My understanding is that to get crackle paint to really work well is to 1) apply a layer of gloss varnish to the color beneath the crackle, as this will help the material pull itself together, generating the cracks and 2) just go to town and apply it very thickly, because it gives the material more to crack with.

    I haven't used it extensively myself, but that guidance did seem to help with my experiments.

    1. I definitely went to town on the thickness. I've also heard PVA glue is a good sub layer, although I didn't use it in this instance. I intend to keep experimenting with this nonsense, just not for my Heresy bases...