Wednesday 28 December 2022

ITS Objective Pack Alpha Review

I recently picked up the "ITS Objectives Pack Alpha" from Corvus Belli, intended for use in Infinity (but quite easily usable in other games). I bought my copy from Shae Konnit Games, but any hobby shop that stocks Infinity will be able to order it in if they don't have it on the shelf.

Price wise, it's a hefty £50 and change. To be clear, you don't need it. You can just use a base or token, or if you want cheaper scenery pieces, you could use some Mantic Terrain Crate or Reaper Bones scatter terrain on a base instead, especially if you don't have different pieces for each different kind of objective. Micro Art Studio also do a "premium" Objectives set, which is in the €80 range, but has more components.

You get 18 different widgets for your money, with 6 different sculpts, ranging from 2 to 4 of each.

They come quite neatly packed in the box, with the usual "Raffle Ticket" packing codes that help process any mis-packs. Corvus Belli have always been excellent when dealing with these, but the numbers help them work out what went wrong, so always include them when mailing them for replacements. As you can see, you also get enough bases for all the pieces in the box.

The pieces themselves are cast in Siocast, and I couldn't see any significant issues. The detail was all there, without much in the way of mould lines. There are quite a few large gates that will need cutting off, but quite a lot are in spots where you won't end up seeing the point of contact, as it's where they glue to the base or another component. Some are single piece, and some need as many as three components.

I haven't yet assembled these models, but my initial impression is positive. They are definitely a premium product with a hefty price tag for "objective markers", but you do get quite a lot of them for the cost. As an optional luxury, they're just fine.

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