Monday 12 December 2022

Weekly progress: Egg Car, D&D, Horus Heresy

With a lovely relative visit in the past, my huge "what I've been working towards" goal is gone. With an awful lot of worry about getting things tidy in time suddenly evaporating away, a bunch of stress related chemicals had nothing to do any more other than make me feel bad for no logical reason.

I decided to try and cheer myself up with painting. It was marginally successful, but time and some other bits and bobs worked together with it to pull me out of the slump. I've finished the Frameworks Mind Flayer and will be writing a longer review post of Frameworks in future.

Needing a little "quick win" to give me a boost, I gave this egg car a quick paint job. The model was made by the sadly no longer trading Antenocitis Workshop. I was playing around with Magmadroth Flame contrast paint for the orange and was very impressed by it.

I didn't get everything right on this model - there's a couple of splotches that I've spotted since I did it. But I played around a lot more with blending and highlighting while painting this model and really felt like the regular painting I've been doing has helped me get better. Sometimes, I instinctively know how much paint I want on my brush or where to move it to get the effect I want. Not always, but its not something I've experienced before. It made me feel like I'm really growing as a painter.

The other "non project" model I'm working on at the moment is this griffin I picked up from Iron Gate Scenery at Salute. I carefully blocked in the basic "skin" fur and the warmer longer fur. I've then wet blended a sepia and a dark brown for the feathers. That's turned out really well on the top of the wings, but with three layers of feathers on the underside of the wings, that's going to take a little more time to get done.

My big project, however, is the Alpha Legion test paints. Because they require layers of contrast, and the next stage involves carefully painting the inside of panels, I haven't got very far with them, but I'm enjoying the process I've done so far.

This has really highlighted to me the importance of having some "easy" paints lying around to do alongside any complicated project. There's going to be times when you're tired and aren't up for doing a detailed or fiddly job, and having something else to do means that the time isn't wasted - and I've got three models finished this week as a result!

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