Wednesday 14 December 2022

Work in Progress Wednesday: Unidrons

A few more models I picked up during the Defiance Kickstarter. They're Unidron Remotes for the Combined Army, and the Onyx Contact Force. They were part of the Onyx Contact Force "Reinforcement Pack". I sold the Umbra on as I still intend to get the Combined Army Starter Pack it came with, and I've already got the Fractaa and Xeodrons ready for paint.

Unidrons have received a moderate boost, at least in terms of reputation, from the recent FAQ that confirms that you can Enhanced Reaction them - and the sniper is going to be the one you'll want to do that with. But I have heard from at least one podcast that it's likely that Marksmanship may still be better statistically. If I start playing Onyx competitively, I'll have a nose into that.

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  1. I painted up OCF right before the pandemic hit to take to Rumble; looking forward to actually playing N4.