Wednesday 21 December 2022

Work in Progress Wednesday: Morats

I've got a few more Morats ready for painting. From left to right, we've got an Oznat, a Suryat HMG and Kornat Gazarot, a special character.

The Oznat is typically taken in Morats leading a link of Hungries - cheap bitey aliens that provide cheap orders - but I'm wondering if it might have some use in Vanilla as there's a profile that works with a single Preta as an attack dog that looks quite interesting to try.

The Suryat HMG is a solid, violent Heavy Infantry with a big gun. I didn't have much luck with him in the one tournament I've run him in so far, but I suspect that's lack of experience rather than a problem with the profile. He's also a valid profile for Onyx Contact Force.

Finally, Kornat Gazarot is a special character with a good range of violent options, who can be a Lieutenant in Morat Aggression Force. He's excellent in that role, with Strategos and an option with an extra Lieutenant Order that really benefit Morats a lot, especially as the proliferation of Veteran in the faction means Loss of Lieutenant isn't much of a thing.

I've realised that of late I've been being a bit of a faction butterfly in what I've been thinking about playing. Rather than try and "knuckle down" to a single faction to improve my play with that one faction I've decided instead to just lean into the hobby butterfly aspect and jump between the factions I have. It likely means I won't be improving my tournament performance any time soon, but I'd rather just go with whatever seems fun at the time.

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