Monday 26 December 2022

Tis the Season for Rampant Capitalism

I wasn't expecting anything for Christmas this year from a hobby standpoint, but did get some Christmas money which I spent on a few bits and pieces. First up, I decided to get the ITS Objectives Pack Alpha so I have some nice looking objective models. They should be a nice quick and simple hobby project.

Next up, I have a few extra models for my White Company, that I'll be sending off to That Mr Shy to paint. The Karhu are apparently excellent so I want to give them a go, I definitely wanted an EVO remote, then I've got the last civilian models I need along with another CSU and a Bashi Bazouk, which you get free in some missions in this year's ITS rules.

I made a bit of an impulse purchase last month, picking up Hollow Press' "Bone Forest". This is a weird skirmish wargame which takes advantage of the sculpting style of Helge Wilhelm Dahl. It's a bunch of rough "folk art" fleshy monsters that plays out a wargame on a large board marked out with squares. There's a bunch of models that form three viable starter forces included in the box, making it an interesting self contained hobby project.

Alongside Bone Forest, I also ordered "Vermis" on even more of a whim. It's a weird art book, done in the style of a computer game that has never existed. I've not had time to settle down with it, but I'm curious to see what its like. I was sold on the concept alone and I'm curious to see how its been enacted.

And finally, the thing I'm really excited about. Voodoo Forest is a collection of John Blanche's artwork from the past decade or so. It's another art book, and as a massive John Blanche fan for years, I'm really happy to pick up one of these. This is definitely one to settle down to have a browse through over the Christmas break.

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