Monday 5 December 2022

November Review - Nearly the Year End

Like October, I managed to get ten models painted in November, although four were some rubbish orcs and four were some crates, so its slightly less impressive than last time.

On the table at the moment are my Horus Heresy test paints and the Frameworks Mind Flayer. This does mean that I finished off all my "half done" stuff from last month - it feels reasonable to aim to do that again!

With the crates finished I don't really have any "simple" paint schemes lined up for projects. I've got test paints for Horus Heresy and O-12, along with my Viktorias crew for Malifaux, which I haven't worked out the paint for either.

I might drop into painting a Shasvastii or too if I want a painting project that doesn't require thinking. I'm working on prepping up a bunch of Battlemechs which will be nice simple paint jobs, and I might try and get the Defiance doors and other accessories prepped up so there's a few simple options amid the more complex stuff.

I did manage to get the hobby room cleared in time for it to be used as a spare room, which was excellent. It has, however, really highlighted I have too much stuff, and that the pile of things I intend to eBay is actually huge. With Christmas coming, my plan for now is to list stuff scheduled to go up over Christmas weekend so I can post it all in the New Year.

In some ways, this does all feel a bit over-whelming. I've only been looking at "getting the hobby room clear", and looking up from that to see both how many things need doing and also the choice of things I have to do can cause a little bit of panic. I need to work out in my head what "next thing" to focus on to get that done rather than panic at how much there is to do, and in turn not do anything.

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