Monday 24 July 2023

A little hobby update...

My "hobby progress" has been a teensy bit derailed by the lights in the hobby room dying with a "known fault". The manufacturer is apparently out of replacement bits due to how many they're having to send out, so currently painting can only really happen in daylight.

As such, I decided to do a bit of assembly at my study desk instead, getting started on the Vostok for my Nomads.

I've got it assembled and I was disproportionately excited about having finished it. I am pretty stoked about trying Nomads out next in Infinity, which is probably contributing to the problem. I may have some mild analysis paralysis about what lists to put together first, though...

My data cards for the new edition of 40K arrived a little late due to some supply issues at the GW end, but I forgot to mention it at the time. I've been restrained and just picked up the card I need for my Deathwatch, my Guard, and the assorted Assassins, Inquisitors and other nonsense I have that can support either of them.

I had an outing to Troll Trader in Bromley for an Infinity tournament. Due to some last minute drop outs, there were only three of us who made it, so we each got two games with each other in a pretty relaxed environment. I'll put a write up of my two games with White Company on the blog in a little while.

The advantage of small tournaments is that you can end up with a bit more stuff than usual. I managed to get the tournament edition Bixie for my Starmada force, and the tournament set of supply crates too. I'm pretty pleased with this given I'm still searching for last season's tournament Fiddler model, even if I'm not planning on running Starmada particularly soon.

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