Wednesday 5 July 2023

Infinity Satellite - Steel City Insurrection, Day 2

Before we return to day 2 of Steel City Insurrection, I realised I forgot to mention in my post on day 1 that the tournament organiser had kindly supplied four 3D printed cyberpunk style figures for every player to use as NPCs in the Rescue mission on day 1.

Day 2 dawned with Unmasking, and I was up against Ironclad's Acontecimento force. Unluckily for Ironclad, one of my most regular practice opponents is Yashar, who is currently consistently playing Acontecimento as practice for taking them to the Interplanetario in Spain.

The Karhu Feuerbach was able to go on quite a rampage, taking out a lot of key pieces on the PanO side, although a counter attack took out my ORC Feuerbach. The Montesa Knight made a break for the console to identify my real target, but was unable to clear Valerya Gromoz off the objective without getting hacked. The Karhu deleted the knight, my Haidao killed both decoys in a single order, and after my Tiger Soldier managed to get stopped in his tracks, Valerya made the trek across the field to kill the real target, leaving me with a solid 10-0 win.

It's worth noting that everyone was pretty tired at this point. At one point I managed to drop one of my dice into my water glass, and wasn't awake enough to retrieve it until after the game finished.

Next up was Looting and Sabotaging, where I was facing off against theclaw of Fast Panda Gaming fame, who was running his Military Orders from their recent tale of four gamers series.

I had a pretty embarrassing run of failing to remember how the rules for the mission worked - removing Liang Kai when he failed to hit the box rather than stunning him, and nearly counting Shona Carano's Martial Arts against the box when you don't get to use that skill before a friendly passing player spotted my mistake. Despite that, theclaw's dice being Absolutely Cursed and me rolling a ridiculous number of crits in ARO meant I managed to gain the win with a solid 8-2.

The final game of the event, I was matched against Guerillajam's Morat Aggression Force, which left me pretty nervous to start off with given the absolute kicking I'd received from Morats in my first game.

This worry was not assuaged by him winning first turn, dropping a Rasyat into my backline, throwing Eclipse Smoke and taking out my doctor and my Karhu.

Another smoke run meant my ORC Feuerbach got taken out under smoke as well, along with other nearby models. I lost five models to close combat in the first turn, which is very unusual in a game of Infinity, but if the opportunity occurs, it's worth taking.

I was swiftly beaten into retreat, having salvaged a couple of classified missions along the way for an 8-2 loss.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how I did. I finished overall with a 3-3 record and a 15th place finish out of 34 players. While I'm moving onto Nomads soon, I feel like I now have a pretty good handle on some solid White Company list options, and am pretty comfortable playing them.

The venue, Patriot Games, was really friendly and welcoming. They had a café on site along with an assortment of hobby stock, seeming to cater for Games Workshop, D&D and other RPGs, and Magic and the other collectible card games. There were tons of comfy chairs and I would absolutely go there to simply hang out if I was local. They are well worth a visit if you're in the area, and come highly recommended.

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