Wednesday 12 July 2023

Work in Progress Wednesday - Onyx Contact Force

I got a few bits and pieces of Combined Army to the point of being ready for paint, so they could get packed away for now. Oddly enough, all these models here are also usable in Onyx Contact Force. From left to right, we have a Nexus Operative, a Maakrep Tracker, an Umbra Legate and a Fraacta Drop Unit.

Most of these models are in a weird spot in the current edition. Combined Army in Vanilla seems to mostly built around either their TAGs or their EI Aspect Heavy Infantry, supported by brutal hackers and cheap warbands. As moderate cost utility pieces most Vanilla Combined lists don't end up having space for them.

Within Onyx Contact Force the Nexus seems like a key piece, with the cheap Lieutenant option, and also several important utility pieces which can link. The other pieces all seem a bit niche - you might take one or two to flavour a link or a build, but you're generally building around a Unidron Core link and adding attack pieces to taste. Onyx look like a really weird and interesting list building space I'm trying really hard not to get distracted into as I start prepping Nomads...


  1. for me, there's something redolent of Thanos' hencemen about that bunch.

    1. They are all awful alien minions of an evil alien empire, so its pretty on brand.