Monday 17 July 2023

A Sunday of Painting

The weekend before last I finally got one of the Urbanmechs painted up in the militia colours I've been using. Again, the intention is for nice simple tabletop quality paint jobs, and I needed a quick win.

Here's the Urbanmech alongside the Wolverine I'd already painted. The paint jobs mostly match. It doesn't matter if they're not quite the same.

I still need to do a few bits and bobs of detail on this Oathsworn Miniatures dwarf. It's mostly there, but I'm keen to add a few more details before I call her done.

With the Battlemech done, I spent a little time dropping in the base colours onto the Reaper Bones wolves for D&D. A quick wash and a drybrush should get them 90% done, and then I'll just need to sort out details like their teeth and mouths.

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