Wednesday 26 July 2023

Work in Progress Wednesday - More Onyx Contact Force

Yes, I have too many factions for Infinity.

Here we have three Umbra (at the back), and a Greif Operator and the special character Kerr-Nau. The Umbra are sufficient to form a Haris fireteam, which I am at least tempted to try. The Greif Operator is named for a WWII German infiltrator operation, given it's an alien saboteur and impersonator. I'm not thrilled about that naming choice. And finally, the Kerr-Nau is a special character hacker who has a couple of neat tricks.

With the news that the upcoming Caskuda model will be available for Onyx Contact Force I am having a small degree of temptation, once that model is out, to find a tournament with some simple fighty missions to take an Onyx Contact Force list to as a bit of variation from my Nomads. I still need a handful of models to make Onyx lists work, though, so I would probably need to get that done first.

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