Friday 14 July 2023

Infinity Satellite - Games Table Nanosatellite

At the start of July I travelled up to The Games Table in Norwich for a small satellite tournament for Infinity. I was taking White Company again, with three missions over the course of the day.

First up was a custom mission called Extrication, which was similar to Supplies. I was up against RunningBlade who was running Aleph. I lost first turn and set up a strong defensive presence, expecting a big hit piece. I was worried about Achilles, but it turned out to be a Marut.

After a terrifying first turn of utter terror, I managed to find a spot to get my Tiger Soldier Hacker on, fight past a Digger guarding the corner, and Isolated the Marut. I managed to get some scoring done while Aleph were behind, but on turn 3 he managed to get the Marut repaired and moved across to score, leaving us tying at 4-4 and the Marut covering the last objective. I managed to get a Repeater onto the Marut to try and hack it, but simply couldn't get past it's hacking protections. On the last order, my Remote made a run for the box with a single unopposed shot from the Marut, needing an 18 . . . and my opponent rolled a 19, giving me a 5-4 win.

Next up was Highly Classified, against Morat Aggression Force run by Caliper. Brutal violence swiftly ensued, leaving me with an 8-1 loss and 10 points left alive. I was one passed armour save off accidentally winning the game with a single classified by going into retreat having scored when my opponent didn't because my army had been hit so hard...

Morats are a bit of a nemesis right now. I really need to work out how to survive them long enough to win!

I was hoping to win two games at the event, but my third game was against Copper, who was running his Combined Army. As Copper had won the satellite tournament the weekend before, I knew it was going to be a tough fight. The mission was Frontline, so I needed units to survive to the end of the game, which was going to be a tough ask.

It was a tough Combined Army list with a Charontid and an Anathematic. This is one of the current known "strong" builds in the game. I had a push at trying to clear the Charontid, and managed to cause it some damage, but not enough to swing things, and my list was very quickly getting eroded.

I managed to score 3 points through classifieds, but the game ended with a 10-3 win to Combined Army. I ended up pretty low down the tournament rankings as a result. Sometimes the pairings land that way, and I was definitely outplayed.

I had an amazing time at the event. The Games Table is a lovely venue I kind of wish was more local. I caught up with some old friends, too. I've had two weekends of excellent gaming which really reminded me of what I enjoy about gaming events.

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